Fresh cheese

Fromagerie Régal is an artisanal cheese dairy specialising in the production of fresh cheese. They work to perpetuate ancestral expertise in processing and enhancing milk from Pays de Herve farms. A producer of traditional ladle-moulded farmhouse maquée cheeses and plain and flavoured smooth fresh cheeses, Régal is the Belgian artisan for fresh cheese.

We do not merely manufacture fresh cheeses, we produce them with passion.

Expert craftsmanship also allows us to meet professionals’ specific needs with our ‘custom-made’ service.

Since 1918


Beginning with Marie Camal, who from 1918 onwards took to the streets of the little village of Queue-du-Bois in Pays de Herve. The young Marie would push a handcart full of her fresh cheese, which she sold on the streets and at local markets.


The green pastures of Pays de Herve

Our terroir has been one of permanent pastures since the 15th century. Agriculture, still a family pursuit, consists primarily of dairy farms. The cattle feed on plentiful grass as they graze freely in the meadows, and the high-quality milk they produce is vital in making a top-quality fresh cheese. Fromagerie Régal is a partner of the MARGUERITE HAPPY COW sustainable dairy network.

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Our fresh and maquée cheeses are made using artisanal methods characteristic of Pays de Herve. This expertise is our signature. Discover our range of products.

Expertise &


Transforming the milk drawn from the cows’ udders into fresh cheese has its magical side. However, there is no sleight of hand, just the ferments, expertise, craftsmanship, patience and love of this artisan cheesemaking trade.

Proven expertise

This year we won numerous prizes at the Wallonia cheese competition organised by Apaq’W at Harzé Castle.

Régal and you

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Régal can produce a fresh cheese custom-made to meet your specific needs.