Fresh Cheese



Transforming the milk drawn from the cows’ udders into fresh cheese has its magical side’.

However, there is no sleight of hand, just the ferments, expertise, craftsmanship, patience and love of this artisan cheesemaking trade.

The milk comes from our family farm Ferme Bidelot, adjacent to the cheese dairy. Our processing method, which is largely completed by hand, ensures that the cheese is worked gently.


Moulding with a ladle ensures an incomparable texture and flavour. This step is completed entirely by hand, and consists of carefully filling a rectangular mould known as a ‘prihel’ (a typical Pays de Herve cheese strainer) with curd. The process of draining in prihels preserves the texture of the fresh cheese, and it is this ancestral draining method which gives Maquée de Campagne cheese its softness and particular texture. It is then taken out of the mould and packaged in parchment paper before being potted. The liquid in the pot is the whey which continues to naturally drain from the cheese.