Maquée de campagne

Farmhouse Maquée Cheese - Classics

‘A traditional ladle-moulded fresh cheese’

Its freshness and mild flavour are provided by milk from Pays de Herve pastures. After a slow maturation lasting 24 hours, the curd is carefully moulded with a ladle in a ‘prihel’, a traditional cheese strainer typical of Pays de Herve. This ancestral draining method is what gives Maquée de Campagne cheese its softness and particular texture. It is then taken out of the mould and packaged in parchment paper before being potted. The liquid in the pot is the whey which continues to naturally drain from the cheese.


Fresh cheese made from pasteurised skimmed cow’s milk.
Format: 220 g pot, 400 g pot, 3 kg bucket, 5 kg bucket.