— Since 1918 —


Marie Camal


and Family Adventures

1918, Queue-du-Bois, a little village near Liège in Pays de Herve. Marie Camal took to the streets, pushing her handcart filled with fresh cheese! The quality of her products earned her a local reputation. Her modest business – the result of hard work – prospered and gradually enabled her to expand. The handcart was soon pulled by a dog and then a horse, and then came a truck...

In the 1960s after having survived the war by making cheese in secret, Camal’s youngest child Joseph followed in his mother’s footsteps by giving greater prominence to what would become Fromagerie Régal.

Not far away in Retinne, Joseph Bruwier established dairy cattle farming at ‘Ferme Bidelot’.

In 1984, Joseph Bruwier’s two sons Philippe and Benoît followed Joseph Camal’s example by taking over their parents’ business and increasing its prominence.
In 2011, Philippe’s son Damien Bruwier – a trained dairy industry professional – took over the reins of Régal, which had belonged to the Camal family for nearly a century.

Fromagerie Régal currently employs five people and transforms the equivalent of the production of two local dairy farms into fresh cheese. Several hundred tonnes of fresh cheese emerge from Fromagerie Régal’s workshops every year.

By perpetuating artisanal methods and cheesemaking expertise, Fromagerie Régal is helping to preserve the heritage of an entire region where each farm once produced its own fresh cheeses.